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Corporate Gifts

Singapore’s Unique Customised Corporate Gift Range

Cera are dedicated to creating innovative promotional products which our customers can tailor to suit the needs of their brand. Whether you’re a start-up business needing to increase your visibility or an established corporation seeking to promote an upcoming event, our customized corporate gifts are a tasteful way to create awareness about your brand, product or event.


The benefits of giving a promotional gift

There are numerous advantages associated with giving promotional gifts, these include:

Brand recognition: By providing both current and potential clients with a gift, you are prompting them to think of your enterprise each time they use it thereby keeping your company’s name and message in the forefront of their mind for the next time they need one of your products. Studies have shown that giving these gifts leads to customers reordering faster and more frequently.

Increased revenue: It might seem counterintuitive, but giving corporate gifts often leads to customers spending more money than they might have otherwise.

Increased visibility: The more products there are with your company’s branding printed on them, the more visible your brand becomes.

Builds brand image: The product you choose to print your company logo on can have connotations which add to the way in which your brand is perceived. Choosing to print the company’s logo on a water bottle for example has connotations of a company which is proactive and switched on. Printing a unique design on coasters has attached implications of diligence and meticulousness. Choosing to give gifts like these also helps to build the reputation of your company by positioning you as generous and conscious of the customer’s needs.


Available in a range of personalised designs to suit your brand image

Our coasters are fully customisable and are available in both square and round shapes as well as multiple colours. These gifts can be personalized with the unique logo of your company or embossed with script that promotes a particular event. To learn more about our Singapore based company and services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on +65 6408 9925 or email to