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Water Absorbent Ceramic Coasters

Coasters are an essential wherever drinks are being served. Given this, it’s surprising that there is so little choice in coaster design on the market. Cera brings innovation and cutting edge design to coaster manufacturing with our water absorbent ceramic coasters which can be printed with personalized designs. These pieces can be printed in both round and square shapes and feature a ceramic material on the topside with black EVA plastic which is anti-slip on the underside. The smooth surface of these make them perfect for absorbing water and the durable materials mean they are also re-usable and make the perfect piece of memorabilia for your special event.


Commemorate your corporate event or celebration with our personalized coasters

Coasters are a fantastic way to promote your company or a special event. By utilizing coasters as promotional materials, guests will look at the logo or message of your company every time they pick up their drink. For social and personal events like weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, and anniversaries, our products are also great party favours and they can be printed with a personal image, your initials, or the date of your special celebration. Simple, practical, and imaginative, these personalized products can also make a fantastic housewarming gift for family and friends.

Our ceramic and waterproof coasters can be found in the Love series and the Pastel series on our website. To find out more about our products and the services we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling +65 6974 2695 or email us at Cera is dedicated to providing a unique range of customized promotional products at highly affordable prices. Purchases of over 100 pieces are discounted by 15% and purchases of over 200 receive a 20% discount.