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Singapore’s Unique Range of Wholesale Wedding Favours

We are dedicated to providing some of the most creatively-designed wedding favours in Singapore. As weddings are memorable once-in-a-lifetime events, we make sure to provide excellent choices in terms of party favours, so that you can hold on to blissful nuptial day memories for many years to come. We create designs that are in sync with nuptial themes, continually coming up with themes that depict love messages, and are decorated with picturesque images of birds, flowers and bees. What’s more, our wedding gifts are designed in accordance with various seasons with details such as flowers for spring, breezy creations for summer, and a Yuletide theme for winter. Our Singapore wedding favours mean that you’ll have gifts that you are delighted to give away, and ones which are well-suited for guests of all ages. Our gifts are bound to be cherished by guests, who can put them on display and/or use them practically in their homes. Selecting a wedding favour is highly significant, as it shows the gratitude to the guest who has made a difference in your life.


A wedding gift shop unlike any other

If you’re seeking keepsake gifts that remind guests of your special day, look no further than our wholesale gift shop in Singapore. Alongside distinct personalized wedding designs such as wedding rings, double happiness symbols and love birds, we also provide options for printing names to make them truly special. In addition to this, we also provide multi-coloured series you can match to your dining table cloths at the reception. These don’t just look good, but are also functional in that they are water absorbent, heat resistant and ideal for holding cups of hot and cold drinks. We take immense pride in being the preferred wholesale supplier for major hotel events as well as restaurants in Singapore. Integral to our services is our sincerity in portraying your special day as truly memorable and also express heartfelt gratitude to guests, which is sure to make the day a success!

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